Frequently Asked Questions

What is O'2 Nail printing?

The O'2 Nail printer is a digital tool that can print any pattern or photo, any colour, any design onto your fingernail or onto false nails.


How long will my nails last?

These photos and patterns only print onto gel nails or artificial nails, and use a special patented product to set the printing onto the nail. The gel top coat seals the photo which prevents the pattern from being scratched, chipped or fading, just like a standard gel nail. Depending on the products used by the salon it should last for 3 weeks to a month.


How much will this cost?

Like all gel nails it depends on the nail technician and salon you go to as each will vary. We attached a list of all the salons with our machines and their contact details.


How do I remove the pattern / photo off my nails?

You can either return back to the salon where you had your nails printed on, like standard gel nails or you can buy a special product from us, either instore or online which will remove the gel polish manicure/ artificial nail, without harming your nail


How do I get a photo to the nail technician ?

As the machine works through a cell phone you can either text the photo through or email it – it’s that simple. Please don’t take a photo of a photo. You want the photo to be crystal clear so it needs to be a good quality, at least 300 DPI


What nail art is available?

There are over 350 patterns available, which is growing all the time. Every 3 months top New York designers design more styles and patterns to go with the latest fashion trends. To see all the patterns available you can view them on our website or at the salon.


Can I view the patterns and nail art available from my own cell phone?

Very soon you will be able to download the app yourself and view the gallery, save your favorite designs, or take photos and create your own photo gallery.


Will the printing hurt or damage my nail?

No. It is perfectly safe for your nail. You must however keep your hand still while the machine is printing to ensure the photo is not blurred.


How long does it take to print my nails?

It only takes approx 7 seconds per nail. However you need to have your nail manicured as you do for all gel  nails. The process and time for your manicure will vary depending on the salon you use.


What sort of photos can I take?

You can use photos of anything as long as the quality is good. For example your kids, boyfriend, family pet, or if you are going out you can take a photo of the pattern on your dress, or partners tie or shirt and have this printed on your nail to complete your outfit.


Do I have to have the same pattern or photo on every nail?

No. You can have a different photo or pattern on each nail, or a combination of photos, patterns and plain nails. Check the website for some ideas, designed by New York fashion designers.


What colour can I have the photos and patterns in?

You can have any colour, even a metallic background, which changes the look of the pattern completely. See our website designs, which will show you different examples of what you can do. We always recommend a white background for all photos, so the photo is as clear as possible.


What if I have very short fingernails?

You can print directly onto short fingernails, but the image will shrink to fit onto the nail. In such situations it is always better to attach a fake nail, which will showcase the pattern or photo so much better – and this way your nail gets the chance to grow under the protection of a false nail glued on top.


Can I make up my own design?

Yes you can and then take a photo of it and send it to the salon. If you have a really good idea contact us directly through this website and we may be able to distribute your designs worldwide and you would receive a royalty on every design sold.


Is it waterproof, will cleaning products, detergents damage the printing?

No. Once the printing is sealed the printing is protected against all the elements.


Can I change the colour of my photo?

Yes. You can do anything you can do on a cell phone, including changing the photo to black and white, sepia. You can enlarge the photo, crop it, rotate the photo. You can even go to into “photo shop” or a similar app and add comments and additional images etc to the photo. I added ‘George” to George, my son’s hat.