Instructions for using the 02Nail Printer Machine

Inserting cartridge

  1. Slides in on an angle. Hold and press down and slot in. Hold down button for 3 seconds and wait 1-2 minutes.

  2. To test printer cartridge. Connect wifi. Fold paper into stick shape put into machine where fingernail goes and press down to hold paper in place. Press print

  3. If paper dirty take cartridge out. Clean cartridge vertically then replace

  4. There is a light and a dark colour option. Dark is not necessary.

Downloading application

  1. Need to download galleries. Click complete gallery.

  2. Input password asdfghjkl123456 (15 characters)

  3. Settings – change to English

  4. Login (our own account)


  1. Then click on wifi. Wifi name is the barcode, then put in password 88888888 (8 characters)

  2. Connect wifi then turn on

  3. Notifications will tell you if there are any updates in software to download


  1. All galleries for patterns. Can choose up to 12 patterns. Trash will cancel a pattern

  2. To print click middle icon at the bottom

  3. Put finger inside machine and push down so people cannot move their hand. Make sure you can see the nail on the screen in the centre.

  4. Check position of nail

  5. Check colour of pattern

  6. Push hide button to hide the nail then check nail against the pattern. Make sure pattern is a little bit wider than the nail.

  7. For photos, centre it inside the square. It will appear upside down

  8. Push ok

  9. Arrow button changes direction of the pattern

  10. click auto location instead of manual

  11. or click … button to use your own photo

Reminder – you must always use #2 gel to hold the colour. You can’t print without this


  1. go to home page. Click settings

  2. click single nail calibration or calibration for photo

  3. for single nail. fold up piece of paper into a stick shape. Put paper into fingernail holder. Press down

  4. click print

  5. after printing do not remove paper. Make sure paper in sitting on the lines on the screen. The press save to save calibration data

  6. For photo calibration make sure line is in the middle of the screen. Then press complete

  7. To calibrate the wifi must be turned on


  1. Printing counter. This shows the total amount of nails printed.

Photos and new patterns

  1. Press “new” to download new patterns and designs

  2. Press “create” to create a new gallery and “+” to add new galleries

  3. Move photos between galleries using copy and paste


  • Photo resolution must be 300DPI minimum

  • For photos always use white background